Just over an hour from Cape Town we have the perfect environment to create a memorable hunting and nature  experience. We are focusing particularly on families and small groups to ensure everyone, young and old, leave the farm with their own unique experiences and subscribe only to ethical hunting practices.

Currently we have Eland, Kudu, Gemsbok, Springbok, Rooi Hartebeest and Zebra on our hunting list, but you will also see Takbok, Steenbok and Duikers on the farm.

To ensure that every hunter is confident with his weapon and in the veld, we spend enough fun time on the shooting range to make the hunter comfortable for a more enjoyable experience.

We are professional hunters and take great pride in preparing new hunters for that first great hunting experience. Skinning and cold room facilities are available on the premises and we will ensure the proper care is taken of your carcas and trophies. Assisting with the skinning and trophy preparation work is not required, but always adds to the experience, especially for our novice hunters.

We also provide the transport required on the farm.

A bit more about how we hunt:

Hunting is a novel experience that cannot be rushed. We hunt on foot in the area where specific species are present. Stalking your buck patiently creates the ultimate hunting experience, the way it is supposed to be. Although we do one day hunts, it is not the best way to enjoy the experience, especially if you hunt species like Kudu and Rooi Hartebeest.

It is a prove ledge to hunt with your family and we go out of our way to bring every family member as close to the actual experience, whether you prefer to just enjoy the veld together or actually take part in the stalking and tracking activities. Ties are a precious commodity and you should be able to share your hunting experience with your family as well.

Our senior hunters are as special as our novice hunters and we "maak 'n plan" to ensure you also get your buck and leave us with a memorable experience.

Please contact us for any specific or unique hunting requirements and we will work with you to create just that.